The Rosebush is looking for substantial (1,500+ word) articles examining the theory and practice of interactive fiction. We hope to publish pieces such as:

  • Analyses of a game or a group of related games (same theme, or author, or genre, etc.). Analyses are different from reviews in being focused on understanding their subject, rather than toward judging their worth. Analyses are both allowed and expected to include spoilers of the referenced games. 
  • Articles that develop the theory of interactive fiction, or discuss specific techniques of craft or art.
  • Interviews with IF authors, especially as they prompt perspectives that might not have occurred to the authors in postmortems etc.
  • Articles on the history or sociology of interactive fiction.

The magazine is a not-for-profit volunteer effort, and pays neither its editors nor its authors. Articles are published under the CC-BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license (or a more permissive version of the license, author’s choice) on the magazine’s website and the IF Archive. Authors retain copyright of their articles.

One or more editors will work with the author on the article – at minimum to check things like spelling, but if desired, also to improve structure or content.

Interested authors can submit complete articles, or a short pitch to see whether an article idea is a good fit. There is no closing date for submissions, as editors will decide whether to publish an article on a rolling basis. We anticipate that the publication will launch in June of this year.